Running joomla locally

What if you don't have hosting account

You can use various offline software packages which can emulate exactly like a hosting environment (webserver).

These tools are free to use. They are good for testing and learning and you don't require an internet connection to test your joomla website! But it has some major drawbacks too. One major drawback is that other people can't see your website! for this you have to buy a hosting space so that whole world can see your joomla websites.

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What you need to install Joomla

In order to install Joomla 3.5+ you need the following requirements in your hosting environment:

  • PHP 5.2 or Higher : php is scripting language which joomla uses.
  • Mysql 5.0.4 or Higher: Mysql is the database where joomla stores all its content
  • Apache 1.3 or higher: (Apache 2.0.x) is recommended! Apache is a web server that process your php language and pulls the database from Mysql and shows them in our webpage.
  • XML and Zlib support: make sure hosting environment supports these functionality.

To find more detailed installation you can check on the following links:

Joomla Technical Requirements